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April Batch 2017 Graduation

Our Cohort graduates today, Friday April 28, 2017; everyone that is except for Security Officers in training Nashaya Treasure and Sanatana McDonald who were unfortunately suspended from training due to the lack of proper time management in coming to training and also being absent without communicating with the instructor, which showed no readiness for an unforgiving industry such as the Private Security Industry.

Micad Ltd. endeavours to bring the value of professionalism in the youth we serve. Today Alicia Tyrell, Roxanne White, Zoe-Ann Allen, Stashana Henry, Randieshe Burke, Joel Weir, Chad James and Shawn Dennis graduates and they are excited and happy.

Joining their graduation is Online trainee Joan Campbell who receives her crash course in self defense, close quarter combat, communication and observation practical drills,  certificate and course recommendation today with the cohort.

The overall average of this particular group is exceptional. We continue to be proud of our work with the young professionals we output. Thank-you for giving us the opportunity to shape your career and the future of the professionalism of the Jamaican workforce on the global scale one pupil at a time.

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