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April Batch of 2017

Today Monday April 17, 2017, marks the beginning of yet another promising batch of youth entering the greatly talked about MICAD Ltd security training which gives an additional Tactical Baton Techniques and Close Quarter Combat (self defense) for free.

Admitted to the cohort are Security Officers in training Alicia Tyrell, Roxanne White, Zoe-Ann Allen, Stashana Henry, Nashaya Treasure, Sanatana McDonald, Randieshe Burke, Joel Weir, Chad James and Shawn Dennis.

These ten (10) youth will be given the full basic theory and some practical lessons in the modern security industry enabling them to carry out a range of different duties regardless of place of employment.

Stay tuned for our updates in the development of our training. Thankyou for giving us the opportunity to handle your professional development.

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