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Grand Opening

Ever since the Meritorious Institute of Continuing Academic Development (MICAD) Limited’s grand opening on Tuesday January 03, 2017, over twenty well experienced security officer’s who need to renew their Private Security Regulation Authority (PSRA) license this year, has been assessed and certified under our Same Day Certificate service.

This certification of persons not trained by us has its ‘built-in assessment feature where experienced men and women who access this service must sit a basic interview with us and satisfactorily answer questions security officer are expected to know and then they would be registered to our company by providing their NIS, TRN, National ID and a fee of $8,000 (Eight Thousand Dollars). This process is usual under an hour and individual professional officers walk away newly certified, no need to re-train.

Individuals accessing this service either had their PSRA license already and expiring this year or they have not yet acquired it though they were trained with their company, but was not certified nor the company sought their legal licensing.

We also interview and certify individuals in Jamaica online through our website. The technology allows our PSRA approved training officer to create and sign certificates for each individual who access the service upon the company’s receipt of the full payment and required documents. The certificate is then printable by the individual at any professional print shop across the Island, all within the same day.

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