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How does online training work?


Hello future recruit of MICAD Ltd.

If you are like many Jamaicans today who are working at a job; on the hustle to make ends meet; a mom at home with her dependent child or children and you want to become a security officer because of a more stable income and possibly a career but the time is just not there to go through the pre-requisite training, hence the reason you havent done it yet. Or even a Security Officer already working but you desire to continue your training and grow your qualifications to HEART TRUST Level 2 NVQ-J… Then we have the perfect solution…

The Meritorious Institute of Continuing Academic Development (MICAD) Limited, is pleased to present MICAD ONLINE, Jamaica’s first security industry online training platform, fully government certified and at the cutting edge of online schooling technology, making our Academy the institute of first choice. Allowing students to be online day or night in-course which will produce the related course certificate upon successful completion.

Jamaicans are becoming warmed up to the idea of how great an option and viable the platform is and are thrilled to feel a part of such a prestigious company which is providing such a service to every local Jamaican virtual anywhere in Jamaica, thanks to the mobile friendly interface it boasts. Definitely a step into the right direction. Definitely a step forward into the future of Security and Jamaica.


For example, a course has three 3 modules – A, B and C. Each modules has 5 units. Completing all modules means completing 15 units and therefore completing the entire course. However, the system is designed to NOT allow students to move to the next module until they have first completed and passed the quiz placed at the end of module A, therefore testing student’s ability to understand the material laid out in a very easy to read format.

Module B and C then becomes accessible to the student only upon successful completion of the quiz. then a final quiz is given to challenge the mind and memory therefore growing the users’ academic capacity in the field of security.

At last a certificate becomes available to each successful candidate. But not to worry the course quizzes are built to allow a retake up to 3 times, therefore allowing everyone a real chance a passing each module and becoming certified. We allow for passes and learning – NOT FAILURES.

So come to school at MICAD Ltd. you’d be glad you did. After all we are the ones “Empowering Your Upward Journey”

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