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Second Batch of March 2017

Another March batch was admitted in training on Monday, March 27, 2017. They were recruits in training: Denise Sommerville, Samantha Sommers, Shannae Samuels, Kemore Francis, Andre Lowers, Akeem Cox and Waylon Barnett.

As usual Trainer Alexander Lammie does a good job at establishing command of the classroom and set ground rules and the adults settles in their new classroom environment which will be their center of transformation for the next two weeks.

Unique Memory, Communication and Observation building methods are introduced, incorporated with the lesson plan of the MICAD Ltd. Basic Security Industry Training Curriculum and is employed on a daily basis until the final exam day for most effective and sure results of a transformed batch of individuals.

These are promising as usual. The assessment would have weeded out those who need more academic skills to manage training even at the bare minimum stage leaving the remnant of applicants who are found fit to move on to the enrollment. Therefore a batch who could easily manipulate the training material, challenges and checkpoints required of them.

We continue to welcome the Youth of Jamaica to a brighter tomorrow.

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