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Special Online Course 2021 – Text Version

Only For Candidates who applied in February 2021
We have a fixed amount of students along with their contacts who applied back in February 2021 for our $7000 Special. If you didn't apply we will know.
This link is only given to specific applicants

If we did not send this link to you via WhatsApp Business, Click the button below, DO NOT SIGNUP FOR THIS SPECIAL.
Click Here
If you wish to transfer this opportunity to someone else
WhatsApp us on our WhatsApp Business at
(MICAD Training Manager)
We don't wish to disappoint our candidates so kindly abide by the guidelines. Thankyou!
If Not Invited here
After taking the course you will have to pay the regular tuition to be certified.
The button to APPLY is at the bottom of this page
Important: Please read information first! We have attempted answered all your questions.

Greetings Applicant. You had expressed interest in our $7000 Special PSRA Online Industrial Security Course back in February 2021.

We had some issues with our platform during that period and were unable to complete all our applicants' study requests for the promotional $7000 training during that period.

We are now fully set and are re-inviting you to take this very same course at the February special tuition of $7000, paid only after successful completion to receive your PSRA-Ready Certificate.

Kindly note that we DO NOT offer job placements, but we do stand by our PSRA Certificate being a very good product also acceptable at every security company Islandwide.

To get started right away simply follow these simple steps below:

MICAD Limited offers a Fourteen (14) day security training course for $7000.


Welcome to MICAD Limited and to our Special Online Training Program. This program is truly geared at Jamaicans who need Security Training and Certificate to get into the Industry of Security and start earning as soon as possible but does not have enough of the tuition to get started.


Disclaimer: MICAD Limited is an education institute and therefore will only be legally responsible for your training and certification, NOT job placements!


P.S.: Due to our standard bearing reputation in this industry, however, our past recruits have not had issues being accepted anywhere in this industry Island wide and in a few cases outside of the Island, though we do not claim that our certificate offers overseas reach; all certificates issued by MICAD Limited is PSRA-Ready and comes with a lifetime free re-issue guarantee.

Where are we physically located in jamaiCA


Located at:

Suite #8 Molynes Business Center, 81A Molynes Road, Kingston 10 & 



Located at:

Shop #8 J&R Shopping Complex (Chuck’s Plaza), 80A Main Street, Ocho Rios
Open Monday to Fridays. No Weekend days.

Found nowhere else on the island at this amazing price offer, professional service, or this hassle free

Candidates are given FOURTEEN (14) DAYS to take this course. Payment is due at the end of the course.

Program Rules and Guidelines to be eligible

  • 1.  The Special Course gives Fourteen (14) days access. You MUST finish this course in the given time. No additional time will be allotted.

  • 2. You may apply if you have never been trained, or certified before in the industry of security.

  • 3. You are NOT eligible if you have taken our online course before but have not yet paid and collected your certificate.

  •  4. All certificate awardees MUST take the course entirely and be successful in the 14 days given; then pay in their tuition at the nearest Scotia Bank, and send in the receipts to us or visit an office to pay and receive the award.

  • 5. Applicants MUST be 18 years and older with a valid NIS, TRN & National I.D. 

  • 6. Applicants MUST also have a valid Email Address.

  •  7. After you have finished your course, you must pay before the Fourteen days expire to keep eligibility of $7,000 tuition. Otherwise you will have forfeited your promotion agreement and will have to pay the full $14000 to receive the certificate.


  • PLEASE DO NOT share this link with a friend. The program is closed to new applicants. You are receiving a special invitation because you were specially selected due to your interest from February 2021 during our special course. This offer cannot be transferred to someone else, THEY WILL ONLY END UP PAYING THE FULL FEE.

We are the real deal but dont take our word for it.
Before you sign up, follow this check list. check out who we are first!

  • The PSRA stands for The Private Security Regulation Authority. They govern all things “Private Security Industry”.  

  • We Recommend calling them first and finding out about MICAD Limited.

  • They are located in Kingston and Montego Bay. Look them up on Google or use this number to call them (876) 967-2522 

  • Ask about your certifying trainer’s name, “Alexander Lammie“, if he is a reputable person and if you can do safe business with him and MICAD Limited. 

  • They are government agency and has the power to shut down our operations and also prosecute anyone found doing illegal activities within the security industry, therefore the power is in your hands to find out first from the best source.

Contact us at Whatsapp 876-369-6785. Only if we did not already answer your question here

  • 1. Can this certificate get me my PSRA? 

    YES, it can, our certificate is accredited by the PSRA.

  • 2. Am I getting the same full training for this price?

    YES, only the price is cut.

  • 3. Will I be certified if I have finished the course before the time is up?

    YES, once finished you may pay your tuition at the bank and receive your certificate file for printing immediately.

  •  4. Will you provide a job for me in the end?

    We provide NO Jobs, we are a legitimate school providing the lowest cost in training & certificate services ONLY in this industry.

  • 5. I have done the course already but have not yet paid, can I just pay $7000 under this special and receive my certificate?

    NO, You have to pay the tuition you owe.

  • 6. How do I pay and receive my certificate when finished?

  • Pay tuition at
    Bank: Scotia Bank

    Branch: Christiana Branch

    Acc. #: 000410460

    Acc. Type: Personal, Savings

    Account Holder: Alexander C. Lammie

    Then send us the receipt on Whatsapp and we immediately send you your certificate file with FULL instructions on how to print it out.

  • 7. How long after I have finished my course do I get to pay my tuition? 
    Immediately. Failure to do so within the time given will forfeit your $7000 payment. Your certificate will still be available for $14,000.

  • 8. Will my certificate say online training? 

  • No. The certificate you will be getting from this program is the same one issued to our in-classroom students and other Online Students served on the Island or In other Countries.

  • This certificate is excellent for the Job and for the PSRA license, Guaranteed.

  • 9. Do I need to have subjects?
    No. We only require you to be able to read and write fairly well.

Send in Applications Here. Be Accurate. We reserve the right to destroy uneligible applications without notice!

Only for our February Applicants

Step 1: Click the APPLY HERE button below

Step 2: Complete the registration form; Ensure the email has no capital letters,

Step 3: Click the CAPTCHA box, Apply to MICAD Limited Button, then check email for activation email link;

Step 4: Click the link and activate then click LOGIN (three lines top left) Enter Username and Password;

Step 5: Complete the PROFILE, Upload Clear Profile Picture of your face;

Step 6: Then click three lines at the top left, COURSES, then Start Course.