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Please review the expectations of the job description for a Training Facilitator employed to MICAD LImited

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Training Facilitator


The Training Facilitator will report to the Training Manager or higher.


The Training Facilitator at Meritorious Institute of Continuing Academic Development (MICAD) Limited, serves as an extension of the training department in a specific parish chapter (branch) to carry out face-to-face training sessions with new incoming students.

This role strives to provide a positive student experience with fair, friendly but professional, and courteous facilitation service.


Sessions are held at a company commercial space or at a company-designated location (provided that conditions are favorable) for a duration of two weeks in each session.

Students who wish to take our two (2) week Industrial Security Training course to become security officers, will need to be properly attired, usually in a plain white shirt/ blouse (Polo type T-Shirts are allowed) and plain black pants/ skirt.

Proper tucking in of shirt, ensuring no cleavages, short or tight attire, and no slippers to ensure proper coverage of the feet, for neatness and professionalism, is to be encouraged and enforced.

Students will be permitted to join a batch no later than three (3) days after when that batch started.


Register new candidates as a batch or as individual students.

Ensure student profile registration is completed properly for each individual student by refreshing their profile page and seeing if the information is updated successfully.

Upload an appropriate and clear photo of each student, no filter allowed, and then check to see that the form and photo are uploaded correctly.

Guide each student on how to navigate the course, for the first few lessons, explaining how unit timers and drip modules work.

Some students may need to be shown how to log in and out and how to find the course again.

Check-in with students to ensure that they are completing their course on time before the Fourteen (14) days deadline runs out.

Collect and conduct all monetary cash transactions such as receiving student tuitions, making change for students; printing, laminating, and placing certificates in envelopes for each student.

Banking all company income and balances weekly.

Promote your parish chapter by way of passing out quick flyers during travels, business cards, saving all contacts in the company’s business phone.

Post MICAD ads and updates daily on WhatsApp, and periodically on the company’s social media platform, to spread awareness for the next training date and so on, in order to boost your job retention and ensure your future salary.

IMPORTANT: Completing the above tasks successfully, literally ensures your monthly salary, which is paid based on the paying candidates. You will plan ahead for up to two (2) training sessions per month.

The next upcoming training date should be announced, using WhatsApp Status and other media within the first week of the current ongoing training, is posted up to two (2) weeks ahead of the next training date in order to give interested students enough time to get ready.

the Working Environment must be kept clean, all spaces used for the conducting of sessions must be swept and ordered.. Students should be encouraged to clean up after themselves and facilitator complete the rest.


This position pays out Forty-Thousand Dollars $40,000 per month based on income the chapter generates for each month.

Training Facilitator currently falls into the category of Part-Time Employment and is paid on or near the 25th of each month, based on work done for that month.

The agent is expected to generate enough work to pay their salaries, cover all expenses of items needed to complete their jobs, such as envelopes, certificate prints and laminations, and credit for business calls.

All monies are sent to the MICAD Limited's Bank Account before or on the Friday of each student transaction, unless otherwise advised by the Training Manager.

This post allows for agent to hold another job elsewhere if the times do not conflict.